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More than 530 Language Pairs Supported
Broad coverage for European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages
No hardware. No software.
No headache.
Revolutionize your business with
the trusted leader in high quality
automated translation
Language Studio™ delivers the highest
Return On Investment (ROI)
Fastest time to achieve ROI driven
through rapid quality improvement
and productivity gains
Get started with the world's highest
quality machine translation platform
Translate faster, lower cost
and higher quality in more than
530 language pairs
Language Studio™ Platform Overview

Language Studio™ is Asia Online's flagship suite of products for near-human quality automated translation. With more than 530 language pairs supported, just one platform can cover all your language processing requirements. Language Studio™ is not a replacement for human translators; it is a productivity enhancer that delivers as much as 300% productivity gains. Time and money are saved, while the translation quality with a machine plus human approach can often be higher than a human only translation approach. Outside of the traditional ‘human’ translation markets, Language Studio™ automates the translation of enterprise information such as knowledgebase, general communications, customer support and user generated contact, as well as multilingual data analytics.

Secure and Private
Servers are hosted in an ISO-27001 certified data center, ensuring that your data is protected and secure. Access to custom engines is controlled and client data is nerver shared in any way.
Custom Translation Engines
Customize Language Studio™ engines to granular sub-domains for specific client projects, and to the writing style and preferred vocabulary of your target audience. 
Productivity Gains and Cost Savings
Return On Investmnet (ROI) is unmatched. Typical productivity gains range between 150%-300%. Customers have reported that after review up to 86% of raw MT output required no post-editing at all.
More Than 530 Language Pairs
Language Studio™ supports more than 530 direct language pairs, with an additional 200+ language pairs under development. This includes most European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages.
Measurable Translation Quality
Language Studio™ includes quality metric tools and confidence scores for every sentence. Asia Online is working with technology partners, to add productivity metrics to editing and management tools.
Advanced Features
Language Studio™ supports complex formating tag handling, pre and post processing rules, custom JavaScript and many more advanced features to help you improve translation quality.
Broad Integration
Language Studio™ has been tightly integrated with more than 20 Translation Management Systems (TMS), Content Management Systems (CMS) and other third-party products so you can start
translating immediately.
Complete Control and Transparency
Language Studio™ offers complete control in the customization process, with tools to manage, control and normalize data. Each step of translation can be analyzed and adapted with built in tools.
Client Testimonials More
We spent a lot of time looking at whether or not to implement MT before choosing Asia Online as our partner. Asia Online convinced us with their competency, their very fair business approach and of course the amazingly high quality machine translation output.
--Michael Oettli, Managing Director
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Language Studio™ Customer Support

Language Studio™ is a powerful translation and language processing platform. While most features are intuitive, if you need assistance our integrated support network of technical and client care professionals are here to help.

You can Open a New Support Ticket and one of our staff will respond to you within 1 business day, usually sooner. Each support ticket is issued a unique tracking number and you can Check a Support Ticket’s Status by entering your email and the tracking number.

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