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Asia Online is a privately owned company backed by individual investors and institutional venture capital. Its corporate headquarters are in Singapore, and it has significant operations in Bangkok, Thailand, with R&D activities throughout Asia and expanding sales operations in Europe and North America.

Asia Online has developed the world’s first automated translation technology designed to translate content to a near-human publication quality in more than 500 language pair combinations. Other legacy translation technologies merely seek to provide a general understanding (gist) of the content that is translated, but they do not achieve either a publication level process or the translation quality required for publication.

The Language Studio™ platform is currently being deployed to assist enterprises and Language Service Providers translate large volumes of information into diverse languages.

Mission and Values

Asia Online's mission is to be recognized as one of the most innovative technology companies in Asia. As a company we hold certain values core to our continued successful growth:

  • Listen and talk frequently with our customers so that we continue to be dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Constantly innovating in everything that we do.
  • Having open, fair, honest, clear and candid dealings with customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Mutual respect, diversity, excellence, integrity, accountability and teamwork within our workplaces are recognized and rewarded on a continual basis.

Awards and Recognition

Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award 2008: Red Herring Asia 100 Award - for the most promising technolgoy startups.
Since 1996, technology industry executives, investors, and strategists have valued the Red Herring 100 lists as an instrument for discovering and advocating the most promising private ventures from around the world.
Red Herring Top 100 Global Award 2009: Red Herring Global 100 Award
After winning the Red Herring Asia 100 Award in December 2008 and advancing to the next round, winning the Global Award places Asia Online in the league of previous Red Herring winners, such as Google, Skype and YouTube, all whom Red Herring accurately predicted would alter the way people use the Internet and engage with the digital economy.
Gartner 2009: Garter Cool Vendor in Emerging Technologies, 2009.
Since 2004, Gartner has listed almost 1,500 Cool Vendors with the publication of an annual list of relatively un-known but interesting IT vendors offering technologies and products that are innovative, impactful and intriguing. The report series helps enterprises to stay ahead of the IT technology curve and make better strategic decisions, examine alternative technologies or discover the next great business and investment opportunity.
Meta Seal 2012: 2012 META Seal of Recognition.
The META Seal of Recognition is awarded by the META Technology Council to products and services that actively contribute to the European Multilingual Information Society. Previous winners of the Seal include Google Translate, and Systran Corporation.

Management and Key Executives

The management team of Asia Online comprises of individuals with a high profile in Asia and the globe established over many years.
Gregory Binger

Gregory Binger
Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Gregory Binger has been a senior officer, board member, senior counsel or adviser to many of the world’s best-known Internet brands, technology, communications, media and entertainment companies. His positions have included Senior Counsel and Management Board for at Yahoo! UK & Ireland, Executive Vice President & General Counsel at Lycos Asia, Acting Senior Corporate Counsel for nineMSN Australia, and Acting Corporate Counsel Europe for CompuServe.

He has taken a hands-on approach in securing successful deals on a wide range of issues relating to technology and media licensing and procurement, intellectual property, information technology, technology outsourcing, systems integration, electronic, online and mobile content, games and applications, animation and video postproduction, VoIP, WiFi, and online betting and gaming.

Far from being an ivory tower academic, Greg has excelled at managing and achieving successful results from multi-disciplinary teams of all sizes dealing with marketing, business development and corporate governance. He has significant experience managing companies in Asia. For example at Lycos Asia, he had oversight management of the company secretarial function for the primary holding company and 23 affiliated companies around the world.

Greg has been a frequent speaker and publisher of articles on such diverse topics as hyper-linking risks, copyright and information distribution on computer networks, data security, information privacy, content supply, resale and distribution, intellectual property and technology convergence. He co-authored Computer Evidence: A Forensic Investigations Handbook, a book that deals with covert electronic surveillance, legal and ethical hacking and evidence gathering and preservation techniques.

Andrew Rufener

Andrew Rufener
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Rufener joined Asia Online in late 2015 as Chief Executive. Prior to his role at Asia Online Andrew held senior positions with global technology companies, digital publishing organizations and with global Technology & Strategy Consulting organisations. More recently Andrew held a strategy and transformation role at Avaya, served as CTO and Member of the Board of Directors at Sanoma Learning where he led the digital transformation of the business and as COO of Lexis Nexis Univentio leading the transformation of the patent data business.

Andrew holds a BSc hon. in Mechanical Engineering and a BSc in Software Engineering, both from Universities in Switzerland and am MBA from Rotterdam School of Business, The Netherlands.

Dion Wiggins

Dion Wiggins
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Dion Wiggins is a highly experienced ICT industry visionary, entrepreneur, analyst and consultant. He has an impressive knowledge in the fields of software development, architecture and management, as well as an in-depth understanding of Asian ICT markets. He is an accomplished speaker and has a high media profile for his perceptive analysis of ICT in Asia/Pacific.

Previously Dion was Vice President and Research Director for Gartner based in Hong Kong, where he was the most senior and highly-respected analyst based in all of Asia. Dion’s research reports on ICT in China helped change the way the world views this market.

Dion is also a well-known pioneer of the Asian Internet Industry, being the founder of one of Asia’s first ever ISPs (Asia Online in Hong Kong). In his role at Gartner and in various other consulting positions prior to that, Dion advised literally hundreds of enterprises on their ICT strategy.

Dion was a founder of The ActiveX Factory, where he was recipient of the Chairman's Commendation Award presented by Microsoft's Bill Gates for the best showcase of software developed in the Philippines. The US Government has recognized Dion as being in the top 5% of his field worldwide and he is a former holder of a US O1 Extraordinary Ability Visa.

Philipp Koehn

Philipp Koehn
Chief Scientist

Philipp Koehn is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Edinburgh. His research centers on statistical machine translation, but he has also worked on speech in 1999 at AT&T Research Labs and text classification in 2000 at Whizbang Labs. Philipp is a co-founder of Getprice, a German price comparison Internet company, where he acted as CTO from 2000-2005.

Over the last decade, Philipp has helped to define the current standard approach to statistical machine translation. His 2003 paper is one of the most-cited papers in the field. Recent work is focused on (a) applying SMT techniques to a wide array of language pairs, (b) developing methods that are more sensitive to the linguistic properties of translation, (c) work on domain adaptation, (d) work on efficient methods that allow real-world performance.

Besides his research, his major contribution to the machine translation community are the preparation and release of the DE-News and Europarl corpora, as well as the Pharaoh and Moses decoder --- all of which are widely used. The statistical machine translation that was developed under his leadership over the last years is one of the top performers in recent DARPA, IWSLT and TCSTAR competitions. He organized workshops at ACL-2005, NAACL-2006 and ACL-2007 with a shared task concerning the translation between European languages. His GALE Project research is funded by DARPA and his EuroMatrix Project is funded by the European Commission.

Philipp received his PhD from the University of Southern California, where he was a research assistant at the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) from 1997 to 2003. He was a postdoctoral research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2004, and joined the University of Edinburgh as a lecturer in 2005.


Asia Online Pte Ltd is a privately owned company incorporated in Singapore. Asia Online is backed by:

  • Founders and Angel investors - Gregory Binger, Dion Wiggins and Bob Hayward plus a small network of angel investors.
  • Japan Asia Investment Corporation (JAIC) - JAIC was established in 1981 by the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai) as an independent venture capital company and now ranks as one of Japan's largest venture capital companies. In addition to its headquarters in Tokyo and an office in the United States, JAIC has six branch offices in Japan as well as a network of overseas subsidiaries in key Asia-Pacific locations.
    JAIC manages a total of 65 funds with an aggregate fund size of 151,360 million yen (US$1.3bn). JAIC is currently listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange. JAIC has built its business around three geographic hubs in Japan, other parts in Asia (10 countries) and the United States. With a multi-disciplinary team of over 100 investment professionals, JAIC is able to provide integrated financial services to companies in various sectors and at various stages of development.
  • T-ONE CAPITAL - T-ONE CAPITAL is an investment company owned jointly by Tonson Group and BBTV. Tonson Group is a diversified investment company building a portfolio of long-term holdings in high-performing assets and businesses in Thailand and around the world. Tonson Group was established in 2006 and is part of the BBTV Group family of businesses. BBTV operates and owns a range of companies including Thailand’s Channel 7 TV station.

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Tech Support:
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